Critical thinking: is humanity a victim of the collective unconscious or not?


Critical thinking: is humanity a victim of the collective unconscious or not?

If someone lives within the western world, or during a country that has been heavily influenced by it, they're going to probably see themselves as just an observer of their reality. So, within the same way that they're going to just view what's on a screen, they're going to also just view what's happening around them.

They may, or might not, accept that there are certain things that they will control in their life but everything else are going to be outside of their control. If they are doing, they might even believe that the majority of their power lies in how they answer what happens to them.

The Alternative

On the opposite hand, if someone believes that they do not have control over anything, they could not even remember of the very fact that they need control over how they respond. This person could have a 'victim mentality', which suggests that they're going to believe that the planet, and everybody in it, is bent get them.

Therefore, not only will they be an observer of what's going around them, but they're going to even be a target. the sole way that their life will change, then, is that if something changes 'out there'; there'll be no other way.

In General

If someone can accept that they are doing play a neighborhood in their life, albeit it's just alittle part, it could mean that they believe that they need control when it involves their career, relationships and health.

Or, they could only accept that they need control over their career, but that their relationships and health are largely out of their control. 'Luck' might be seen as playing an outsized role in what their relationships are like and their genes might be seen as defining their health.

The Wider World

As for what's happening in their country and therefore the world as an entire, this likely to be seen as something that's out of their control. When it involves what does or doesn't happen, this might be seen as something that's primarily within the hands of the govt and even 'elites'.

They themselves, along side most of their fellow citizenry, aren't getting to have much of a say. For the planet to vary, it'll be right down to these people to form the required changes or perhaps for these people to be addressed in how.

Two Sides

Now, when a rustic is chiefly made from those that believe that they need some control and people who see themselves as having no control whatsoever, it'll mean that the those at the highest, so to talk, will have tons of power. There'll be tons of individuals who do not have much power and really few people that do. 

It might be said that this is often the case in most, if not all, countries round the world. As a results of this, it doesn't matter that there are more people that are 'enslaved' than there are in power, as they will not be ready to do much about it.

Going Deeper

However, what if someone isn't merely an 'observer' of their reality and is really co-creating what appears to be 'out there'? This suggests that they themselves, along side their fellow citizenry, have control over their life and what takes place on the earth as an entire.

But, as they need been trapped within the belief that they're passively observing reality, it's caused them, and a few their fellow citizenry, to offer their power away. Moreover, another outcome of this is often that folks, situations and circumstances have appeared externally that are in alignment with the view that they need little or no, or no, control.

One Factor

On one side, the society that they sleep in is probably going to be built on the view that they're just observers and it'll continually enforce this view. On the opposite, they're going to have an ego-mind that has an equivalent view.

The society that they sleep in are going to be an expression of ego-consciousness, which suggests that it'll be a society that's supported duality. for somebody to ascertain through the illusion that their ego-mind creates - the a part of "> a part of them that permits them to possess their own experience and is there to stay them alive - they're going to got to develop the power detach from this part of them and to watch its ways of functioning.

The Next Part

If someone, along side their fellow citizenry, isn't merely an observer of their reality, how are they're co-creating what's happening 'out there'? Their conscious mind plays a neighborhood but most of what shows up externally is probably going to be a mirrored image of what's happening in their unconscious.

This is the a part of them which will hold the parts of themselves that are too painful for them to acknowledge. This 'material' will relate to what they need disconnected from throughout their adult life, years and what has been childhood passed down from their ancestors.


The trouble is that when something has been pushed out of their conscious awareness, their conscious mind will have forgotten all about it. Therefore, when something happens 'out there' that mirrors back a neighborhood of themselves that they need lost touch with, they will not be ready to see the connection.

Without this understanding, it'll be perfectly normal for them to feel victimized by someone or something else. And, when an outsized a part of the population is during this position, it'll even be normal for them to return to believe that something or someone 'out there' is victimising them.

Final Thoughts

In order for somebody to vary their own life and therefore the planet as an entire, it'll be essential for them to affect the fabric and inner wounds that are held deep in their being. This would possibly not be easy but if they really want to vary their life and therefore the planet, they're going to be willing to travel down this path.

Focusing on and trying to vary what's happening externally is appealing but, if what's happening 'out there' is nothing quite an impact, it won't solve anything. One will simply be trapped in an illusion that their ego-mind has created and that they are going to be wasting their precious time and energy; time and energy that would be used much more effectively.

Author, transformational writer, teacher and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, 600 in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along side his sound advice.

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