Detailed information about the new iPhone SE 2020

It has an iPhone 8 body with an iPhone 11 Pro brain, which adds up to a mixture of features never seen on a 4.7-inch iPhone before.
The new iPhone SE is officially out and it's an iPhone 8 body with an iPhone 11 Pro brain. But it's quite just an iPhone 8S or 9 with just an indoor spec bump. The powerful A13 Bionic chipset transforms the phone and brings new features never before seen on a 4.7-inch iPhone ($ 699 at Apple).

The mix of old design and new power means you'll unlock the new SE with Touch ID, which is handy now that face masks are a requirement. You furthermore may have the processing power to support future iOS software updates longer than an iPhone 8, with its 2-and-a-half-year old A11 processor, will manage

Here are nine belongings you should try together with your new iPhone SE.

Take a portrait mode photo
If you owned an iPhone 6 ($ 197 at eBay), 6S, 7 or 8, then you've never experienced the enjoyment of taking a photograph with a shallow depth of field, also referred to as Portrait Mode. It can turn your mundane background into a creamy, blurry wonderland. The iPhone SE uses processing to separate your subject from the background then it blurs it to form it look beautiful.

o try it out, enter the Camera app, swipe to Portrait then center your subject and take a photograph. Before you're taking the photo, you'll preview what it'll appear as if by tapping and holding on the portrait mode dial at rock bottom and spinning through the various looks. You'll even adjust the quantity of background blur by tapping on the aperture button within the top right corner of the screen. Use the slider at rock bottom to form it more or less blurry.

If you took a portrait mode photo, but still want to form adjustments, you're in luck. Find a portrait mode photo that you simply want to regulate and tap the edit button. to regulate the quantity of background blur, attend the highest left side of the screen and tap on the aperture icon. Use the aperture slider that appears at rock bottom of the screen to form the background more or less blurry.

You can also change Apple's portrait lighting after the very fact by getting to the highest left corner of the screen and tapping the portrait mode icon. Swipe through the varied modes using the dial that appears at rock bottom.

Take a portrait mode selfie
Remember all the things I just shared about Portrait Mode? Well, lucky for you it applies to portrait mode on your phone's rear and selfie camera. Meaning you'll take epic and artistic selfies using portrait lighting effects.

Admire the centered Apple
The new iPhone SE is nearly just like the 2017 iPhone 8. But there's a method to inform the difference between the 2. check out the Apple Logo on the rear. On the iPhone 8, it's above. But on the new iPhone SE, it's right within the middle. This matches the logo's placement on other new iPhones. Take a flash and admire the centered logo on the rear of your iPhone SE. (OK, your mileage on this tip may vary.)

Use Quick fancy record video
Another cool thing you'll do on the iPhone SE is start recording a video even when you are not in video mode. From the Camera app, simply press and hold on the shutter button to start out recording (kind of like Instagram or Snapchat). once you abandoning, it'll stop recording. If you're filming an extended video that you simply started with Quick Take, simply drag your finger from the shutter button to the lock on the proper side.

Put a case thereon
I'm a non-case person, but I'm told most conventional people put cases on their phones. Now, if you're wondering if an iPhone 8 case will fit on your iPhone SE. the solution is yes it'll. But there'll be new cases for the phone also. I still prefer no case. Why would you cover that lovely centered logo?

Take a photograph with SmartHDR
One of the SE's most amazing features is additionally one among the smallest amount flashy. It's SmartHDR photo processing. There are a couple of flavors of Apple's computational high dynamic range software but the one on the iPhone SE does a powerful job of capturing a scene with many shadows and bright lights. inspect the photo I shot below of a tree against a azure sky.

Connect AirPods ($ 159 at Apple) and AirPods Pro via iCloud
Like other recent iPhones, the new SE has no headphone jack. Look, it's natural to be upset, but i do not think which will change anything. Fortunately, if you own a flowery pants pair of Apple or Beats wireless headphones, there's some redemption within the sort of iCloud.

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If you have already got your AirPods, AirPods Pro ($ 249 at Apple) or Beats wireless headphones paired to an Apple device that using an equivalent iCloud account, they ought to automatically pair to your new iPhone SE.

All you've got to try to to connect them. To do so, from Bluetooth settings select your headphones from the list and tap connect. If your other Apple devices are off, your headphones might automatically connect once you place them in your ears.

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Try out games and AR apps
Your iPhone SE has the foremost powerful processor currently found in any phone. See what it can treat playing a game like Children of sunshine or an Apple Arcade game like Doomsday Vault or Sneaky Sasquatch. But if you actually want to experience something impressive, checkout an AR app like Wonderscope. It transformed my room into a mansion where I can train to be a ghost.

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