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Ghana as a rustic will boost of right smart numbers of tireless girls WHO despite their limitations with formal attainment education, attempt to create ends meet whereas providing their families with all the fabric wants. this is often true of those diligent girls WHO support their husbands in tendering the house. There square measure innumerous single mothers WHO have taken upon themselves the twin roles of fathers and mothers, providing the physical and religious wants of their kids. the best contribution of those industrious African nation business girls that has not received literary attention is their extraordinary business skills.

The African nation business girls don't hurriedly jump into any business venture. They undertake market surveys to seek out out the chance of registering higher revenue from the projected business venture. they are doing this to seek out property offer of their tradable things, doable target market and roaring distribution vents. additionally, they fastidiously opt for strategic areas to perch their tents, kiosks or stores. They carry a radical search to seek out out shoppers WHO ply the realm, their preferences and interests above all things that register fast sales before beginning the business venture. although they do not have any well documented business plans, they need their business structured and purposeful.

Interestingly, African nation business girls have a singular means of attracting customers. they need extraordinary client relations. They speak gently and really with all respect to their shoppers, generally exploitation compliment speech to lure shoppers into shaping a long-lasting account with them. Hardly would they vent their anger on shoppers. this is often uncommon of typical African nation business women! They hide their personal embattled pain and agony and wear, as it were, their teeth overtly to portray friendliness thus on win shoppers. they're conjointly fast to apologize and amend product that customers complain as having industrial faults.

Ghanaian business girls conjointly demonstrate exceptional buying, activity and selling skills. once their things arrive, they single-handed assist the employed laborers in off-loading them from the vehicles. they might have their little mini books for keeping each very little detail of the things received yet as those distributed at the provision joint. Their restricted arithmetic information wouldn't restrain them from keeping clean and comprehensive records of their business transactions. Even before their product arrive, they might decision their customers and inform them, whereas keeping track of their inventory of things. They daily deposit their sales at the banks thus as to not squander their business capital. once they run at losses, they are doing not lose hope or stop the business. They quickly solicit for business loans with versatile terms of payment to strengthen their businesses and keep it running.

The outstanding business and entrepreneurial skills incontestable by African nation business girls must be hailed and acknowledged whilst the planet celebrates mothers on. However, measures should be place in situ by the African nation government and therefore the ministry of trade to help these industrious business girls in overcoming the atrocious challenges they face whereas endeavor their businesses. A cardinal downside needs to do with recommending ancient banks for these girls to try to to business with. it's discouraging to grasp however the young and unscrupulous monetary establishments deceive these girls and run away with their hard-earned cash. Usually, they deceive these girls by promising them terribly low-interest rates on their loan facilities yet as terribly fat interest returns on their savings. the normal banks of integrity should reach intent on these industrious business girls and supply them best deals in terms of interests on their savings yet as interests on the business loans they might apply for. the govt should keep her fight against dissolving all self-loving monetary establishments established to dupe these industrious business girls of their business gains.

Also, business and entrepreneurial establishments should sporadically organize workshops for these illiterate business girls to help them in upgrading their business and entrepreneurial skills. These refreshing engagements would conjointly enlighten them on fashionable ways of doing business yet as on a way to use straightforward E-tools for stock and / or record keeping. Sound directions on a way to avert business risks and the way to mobilize the sales of their product through increased buying, selling and provide chain management approaches is given via these business seminars and workshops. this could vastly facilitate these tireless and industrious African nation business girls to contribute considerably to the economy of Gold Coast.

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