Email Lists Go Cold

A lot of bands and musicians do a good job of obtaining email addresses at a show, on tour, or perhaps exchanging a free Mp3 for AN email address.

But they let the list get cold by solely causation them 2 emails a year.

One promoting your new album or tour so one through Black Fri as a result of you are expecting to sell some merchandise.

A big downside musicians have with emailing there list is that they say "Oh, i do not need to spam them or get to them."

But you would like to recollect a number of things ...

If someone gave you their email address they're basically supplying you with permission to contact them once more as a result of they need to listen to from you. therefore you must not desire you'reAnoying them once you send them an email.

The second factor is that if you sincerely email your list to push things, you are essentially like that friend we tend to all have that ne'er keeps to bear and strictly sends a message once they need one thing.

And that's quite what you're doing once you return from out of obscurity and take a look at to sell your album via email.

This person may need been drunk at your show and that they do not even bear in mind however they got on your list within the 1st place!

So what you bought to do is send folks weekly emails.

Take advantage of the actual fact that you are a musician in a very band and you are living a life that almost all folks can ne'er expertise.

They do not knowledge to put in writing songs, or what its wish to persist a tour or play a show before of individuals. They very have not any clue.

So what you'll be able to do is rather than purely causation them promotional emails hebdomadally. you'll be able to send AN email that says "hey we're functioning on a replacement song here's a video from our rehearsal area."

Or inspect this crazy story from a show we tend to vie this month. you'll even begin aoral communication with them and raise them regarding their favorite band. try to connect with them!

It does not get to be long perhaps 200-400 words, otherwise you might even simply link to a video if you do not like writing. however it keeps that reference to your fans in order that they appear forward to seeing your name within the inbox. It keeps them "warm".

So once you do need to push and album or sell merchandise they're going to be more more doubtless to open your email and they will be far more doubtless to shop for you as a result of they such as you.

Growing your fanbase is all relating to building and maintaining relationships. once you have AN email list that you simply will try this quite simply with solely regarding twenty minutes per week.

So if you have not emailed your list within the previous couple of months go and send 'em some love nowdays.

If you would like to line up the simplest way to make your fanbase and sell your music with a inevitable on-line system rather than disbursement years on the road tour.
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