Materials used in textile dyeing

The process of coloring, by applying fabric dyes to loose fiber, thread and fabric are called fabric dyeing. Being administered for thousands of years, it's experimented in many various ways until today, and good results are obtained. At this time, Viktoria Fabric Dyes, which is one among the most important brandmarks of cloth dyeing, suggests 3 different sorts of it. These are; Bucket or Sink Method, Boiling Method and Washing-Machine Method. These methods are going to be explained within the following passages.

I. Bucket or Sink Method
• This fabric dyeing method is administered by filling a bucket or an outsized container with water or occluding the drain of the sink; so on fill it with water.
• If the operation is administered somewhere out of the sink; the duvet should be spread so as not the water to effuse.
• Before starting this fabric dyeing operation, the sink or the bullet should be crammed with 60 C predicament, because the experts advise, and therefore the powder fabric dye should be dissolved with predicament in another container.
• If the color is just too light, a touch bit more dye should be added, but if it's too dark predicament should be added.
• The dissolved dye should be poured to the place where the water is and will be stirred for a short time.
• After being cleared of all of its stains, the thing to be dyed is put where the dye is, by being wet, and water and therefore the dye are stirred for 10 minutes, without giving an opportunity.
• the material that's kept within the water for a minimum of half an hour and mostly for an hour, is taken out of the water when decided that it's the expected color.
• Just after dyeing, Fiske fabric dye stabilizer is applied in accordance with the instructions.
• you ought to then rinse the dyed fabric with cold water. After this, wash your fabric with warm water and a soft detergent; rinse it and dry it. After getting dried, your fabric will have the expected color.

II. Boiling Method
Boiling is another method used for cloth dyeing.

• an outsized pot during which fabric can move easily is crammed with water and this pot is placed on the cookstove. The cookstove is switched on and when the water begins boiling the dye is added into the water.
• the thing to be dyed is wetted and thrown into the water.
• the thing to be dyed is put where the dye is, by wetting; after being cleaned of all its stains. It's stirred within the first 10 minutes without giving an opportunity.
• After this step, rinse the dyed fabric with cold water. Then, wash your fabric with warm water and soft detergent, rinse and dry it. After drying, your fabric will have the expected color.

III. washer Method
You can easily dye your fabric with washer fabric dyeing method.
• The temperature level of the washer should be fixed at the very best level. Also, the time setting should be fixed during a way that the machine will operate a minimum of half-hour.
• the material dye is melted completely by stirring it with predicament during a plastic pot. In it, 1 teaspoon of washing-up liquid is added.
• In another pot; if cotton or linen is being dyed, salt should be dissolved in 4 glasses of extremely popular water; and if silk or nylon is being dyed, a cup of vinegar and 2-4 glasses of predicament should be blended (mixed (together.
• Firstly the dye, and then, the vinegar and salt are spilled into the detergent box of the washer and it should be switched on.
• After the machine stops, the dyed fabric is washed another time with warm water and it becomes able to use.

Viktoria has been manufacturing fabric dye over 100 years for you. There's no need for the workshop, additional equipment, follow-up and time because of Viktoria Fabric Dyes. Because the Viktoria Dye has been designed and developed accordingly.
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